On the night of 27th July, 2018 more than half of the Earth will witness a phenomenon called Blood Moon. A night when our moon turns red in colour...or does it just appear red to us from the Earth?

We know about eclipse and we know that lunar eclipse is common. So, what's this hullabaloo about the blood moon?

When the moon is in the total eclipse i.e. when the moon in completely inside the Earth's shadow, and it appears reddish, the phenomenon is called as "blood moon". The moon appears red as it is illuminated by the refraction of light from Earth's atmosphere. It is safe to watch this phenomenon with naked eyes.

The night of 27th July is special because this is the longest blood moon eclipse of the century. To watch it again, you will have to live for another 105 years.

If you are interested to watch the sky tonight, then you will be double delighted as you will be able to see Mars with naked eyes, close to the blood moon. So, be ready to see "red moon" and the red planet together and capture them in one frame. By the way, Mars will be closest to Earth in 15 years on the same night. A real treat with the double delight.

Almost entire India will be able to see the blood moon. This Chandra Grahan will start at 11:43 pm of 27th July and end at 5:34 am on 28th July.

Finally, a word of precaution during this eclipse. Keep your camera batteries charged, click as many photos as you want, and yes, don't go to sleep without witnessing this phenomenal celestial phenomenon.


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