ou always wanted to help the society through your ideas. Here is a scope to showcase your talent to provide solutions to real world challenges by using technology. Government of India and Intel India have together organised a National Challenge, ‘Ideate for India – creative solutions using technology’. Students with their original ideas can seek the guidance from S.T.E.M. School Program. We will help you in ensuring your projects are submitted with all requirements. If needed, we will guide you to make a good 90 sec video for submission. Please read on for the details of the program The National e-Governance Division, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology,

  • Important Features of the program. It is a national level challenge - open to school students from classes 6 – 12 across the country. Students have to share their ideas on 11 core theme areas. There will be 2 categories - Junior (classes 6–8) and Senior (classes 9-12). In phase I – Students will access curated online videos and submit their proposed solutions/ideas in an online format as a video. Top 10 ideas will be shortlisted from each State and Union Territory (UT) – leading to a total of 360 students. In phase II – 10 children selected as top performers per State and UT will be invited for a regional Tech-Creation Boot Camp. Each group of 5 students will be escorted by their computer teacher/ guardian for the boot camp. Travel, accommodation and boarding for students and guardians will be taken care of by the organisers In phase III - 50 students will be selected based on their tech-creations being implemented in the community and invited to New Delhi for the National Showcasing and felicitated as Tech-Creation Champions.
  • Core Theme Areas for the Challenge. Students have to share their ideas based on any of the below mentioned core themes areas:
    1. Healthcare services
    2. Education services
    3. Environment
    4. (For example: Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Water Conservation, Pollution – water/ air/ land/ noise, e-waste, single use of plastic etc.)

    5. Women Safety
    6. Traffic
    7. Infrastructure
    8. Agriculture
    9. Social welfare
    10. Disability
    11. Tourism
    12. Digital Services
  • Phase-I details.
    1. Students have to access online learning content by registering on the following link: Schools also can register themselves on the following link:
    2. Students have to watch videos created for them by the organisers. Students can view videos at one go or in gaps. Their progress will be saved along with their login details.
    3. A ‘Certificate of Participation’ will be awarded to students as soon as they complete watching all the videos. It can be downloaded immediately and/ or at any time later.
    4. After watching the videos,
      • The students are expected to identify problems around them.
      • Think of innovative solutions.
      • Upload a 90 second idea video sharing their suggestions/plans on the mentioned website only.
    5. The video must include:
      1. Introduction of Students (15 seconds)
        1. Name of students and school
        2. Name of city and the state
      2. Problem Statement (30 seconds)
        1. Talk about the problem you want to solve
        2. Why do you want to work on this problem?
      3. Proposed Solution (45 seconds)
        1. What is your idea to solve the problem?
        2. Why do you think your idea is innovative?
        3. How will you work on the solution?
        4. What role will technology play in your solution?

        Students can also share the same information in the form of a word document. Uploading video is mandatory and sharing a word document is optional.

    6. Video cannot be edited or resubmitted once you click on the submit button.
    7. You can submit multiple ideas by creating different 90 seconds explainer videos for each of the ideas.
    8. Last date for video submission is 31st January 2019.
    9. One the idea video is submitted the students will be eligible for another certificate, i.e. ‘Certificate of Appreciation’. This certificate also can be downloaded immediately and/ or at any time later.
    10. Out of the idea videos received, 10 students per State/UT (360 in all) will be selected by a panel of innovation experts and announced as the participants for the next phase.
  • To Register:
    1. Visit the website -​ ,​
    2. Look for the banner – ‘Ideate for India – creative solutions using technology’ on Home Page.
    3. Click on the banner. It will lead you to the Challenge Home Page.
    4. Now click on the tab - REGISTER, on the top right side of the Home Page.
    5. You will be redirected to the Registration Page. Fill in the form with details.
    6. Once all details have been filled, recheck them and then click on the Register button at the end of the form.
    7. A verification mail will be sent to the email address mentioned by you in the registration form once you register.
    8. Open your registered email account to verify your account. If you do not see the verification mail in the inbox, please check in your spam messages inbox.
    9. The verification mail has a link ‘Verify your mail’. Once you click on this link, you will be automatically redirected to the challenge page. Now you have successfully registered as a participant for the National Challenge.
    10. As soon as the process is completed, a welcome mail will be sent to the verified email address.
  • Connect with the organisers (Helpline)
    In case of any queries / issues you can connect through the following
    Email: ​
    Tech helpline - ​ 95-12-11-2018 (10:30 AM to 8:00 PM)


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