Python for Data Science

Data Science is discovery of hidden insights for taking data driven decisions using scientific methods and algorithms.

  • Understanding Data Science
  • OOPS Concept
  • Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance
  • Data Visualization with Pandas
    1. Line Charts
    2. Bar Charts
    3. Seaborn
    4. Histograms
    5. Scatter Plots
  • Final Project

Good News for Young Coders


  • Data Science is related to Data Mining, Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data
  • Data Science is discovery of hidden insights for taking data driven decisions.
  • It uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structured and unstructured data.

What Will You Learn

  • Write code
  • Execute code
  • Test code
  • Make your own codes
  • Make your own real world projects


  • Everything will be taught using laptop/desktop, not on mobile phone or tablet.
  • Eligibility: Having intermediate level knowledge Python language from any institute
  • No paid software required


  • Complete Online Course (40 sessions of one hour each..
  • Be a part of coding students community.
  • Big Bonus:
    1. Internship, part-time and full-time job for select students with STREAM Edutech may be offered the end of the course
    2. Free entrepreneurship workshop at the end of the course. Including Discussion on how your ideas can be developed as your own business.

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